SnackWatch: September

YouTube changes its look and adds new mobile capabilities

YouTube has updated its website/app design layout and added new mobile features. Updates include the ability to swipe left or right to watch different videos, optimized vertical video without black bars on each side of the screen, video speed up or slow down playback, and browsing while watching in full-screen.

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Facebook’s Watch tab rolls out to all US users

Facebook rolled out its Watch tab to all mobile and desktop users in the US. The hub features original, episodic shows from well known Facebook publishers and creators in addition to user-generated video content. Advertisers can serve In-Stream (mid-roll) video ads or partner with existing shows using the the Branded Content tool.

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Amazon and Microsoft announce voice assistant partnership

In the biggest show of collaboration between digital assistant platforms to-date, Amazon and Microsoft have announced a partnership that will allow Alexa and Cortana to communicate with each other. The deal has been in development since May, and is a first step in the progression many analysts project toward a normalization of users engaging fluidly with multiple platforms throughout the day.

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