Snackbytes influencers: Gary Vee

When we want to talk about our biggest influencers – the people who’ve made Snackbytes the company it is right now, we definitely have to start with Gary Vaynerchuk: American entrepreneur, CEO, investor, author, public speaker and internet celebrity. But what exactly does this big personality and social media mastermind promulgate? Well, a lot, it seems. Let’s talk about following five overarching principles that should help every company in finding their hustle!


#1 Respect the platform you’re working with


Because not every content piece performs the same on different platforms. That is why you should always keep in mind the mind-set of the people you’re trying to reach – considering the platform they’re using at that moment. People who’re browsing on Instagram mostly have the intention of keeping up with the world. People who’re on Pinterest are looking to buy something – or at least be inspired to. Facebook users are somewhere in between at the moment: in the first place, it’s still a social media network, with the emphasis on social: they want to know what people are up to. Of course, it happens more and more that people are buying something through a Facebook ad – but shopping still isn’t the soul intention of logging in to Facebook.


#2 Respect the audience you’re working for


And that means: put that beautiful ego of yours away – or at least for a while. When you’re putting your content out there, always make sure it’s content for the customer – and not for you. Chances are, you’re not always going to love (or even just plain ‘like’) the content you’re providing. But you know what? The customers don’t give a single f*** about what you like. So, you shouldn’t either: just make sure the potential customer falls in love with the things you’re communicating. And you do this by adopting the language, style and mind-set of those you want to reach.


#3 Bet on your strengths


Here’s where your ego does come in handy again! Because when you want your content strategy to win, you should understand – and believe in – your strengths. After all, your using these skills for communicating with the people you want to reach. This is why you should always put your stakes on selling content that best fits your skillset(s). The gist of this story? Determine which you do best – and get paid for it.


#4 Jab, jab, jab, and don’t you dare hesitate with that right hook!


Vaynerchuk’s entire business philosophy basically revolves around his ‘jab jab jab, right hook’ methodology: you provide quite the value for your costumers, and when you feel the time is right, you throw in the right hook: the ask where you go in for the big sale.

What you have to remember the most? Be firm and don’t hesitate – but go right in for the kill. Selling something isn’t cute. It isn’t sweet. So, don’t go treading around it with empty words. Believe us: your customer appreciates honesty. Just be very clear and upfront about what your goal is, without beating around the bullshit bush.


#5 Find your hustle!


Hustling is putting all of your effort in achieving your goal. Meaning your talent is great – but it’s not enough. You got to put in a lot of work. Auch, right? I’m sorry, but it’s true: hustling is about being all in: emotionally and in execution.


Of course, hustling varies from person to person – and from company to company. Some may find hustling working 24/7, while others hustle in the week from 9-6. You can’t put a number or a timeslot on the act of hustling, as long as you’re doing it. The most important thing to remember when you want to hustle? Find the position (and we mean that literally and figuratively) where you do your best work, with the people you love working with the most. This way, when you’re in that comfort zone, you’ll feel motivated to do more – and to hustle more.